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Standard Day Rate:

A standard Blue Elephant day rate is based upon a 12hr day. If on the rare occasion through uncontrollable circumstances your call runs over the 12hr period we will pay a rate of £25.00 per hour up to a maximum of 2hrs. Any addition to the call that exceeds 2hrs over the initial booking period will result in a day and half rate.

Travel Expenses:

Blue Elephant will contribute a maximum of £25.00 towards travel if your call time starts before 6am or ends after 11pm in Central London. You will not need to provide receipts for travel expenses under these circumstances.

Special Rates:

If it is known that the hours will extend past a standard 12hr day rate before your booking you will be informed of the rate available prior to your confirmation.

On projects that require unique or specialist technical roles, advanced rates will be negotiated with the freelancer at the discretion of the project manager. You'll be notified if this applies to you when you are booked for the role. The travel expense policy does not change under these circumstances.

Crew Catering:

Blue Elephant will always endeavour to provide onsite catering for crew whilst working at our events. When this isn't possible we will inform you of a PD allowance for food as part of your purchase order.

Purchase Orders:

Blue Elephant will confirm your booking on a job by sending a purchase order stating the total amount to be paid for your call, plus any additions according to this policy.

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